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The Company | Co.Ge.Ital. – Costruzioni Generali Itali Srl

The Company

CO.GE.ITAL. S.r.l ., Costruzioni Generali Italia, a limited liability company, has founded in 1992.

Mr. Rosario Cammisa, was the promoter. He has started his activity forty years before Co.GE.ITAL. foundation working, as collaborator, for the company Impresa Parasiliti owned by Rosario Parasiliti. Thanks to this collaboration he has performed various and important publics and privates works, especially in Siracusa’s area, that in the 1960s assisted at the industrial settlement of one of the three major petrochemicals plants in Europe.

Partner, Tehcnical Director and Sole Director is Mr. Salvatore Finocchiaro, already present in the company family group since 1978.

The business activities of the Company, the increasing willingness of growth, the awareness that only a real organization can obtain the best results in relation to commitments and future job prospects, forced the founder to diversify its interests and to establish other companies, such as I.CO.C. s.r.l. and others.

The know-how, the strong specialization in civil works, the achieved production capability, the wish of expansion, the political and social reality in Italy, Europe and Mediterranean area, of which Sicily is the hearth, enables the company to cross the regional limits and to start new work experiences in different Italian regions.

The achievement of this goal is only one step of the long run to new objectives marked by appreciations obtained thanking to the experience gained in about half century of business.
The new market reality suggest the merge with C.E.I.S.I. s.r.l., in 1994, buying all corporate assets but also the structure of technical and administrative personnel. This structure, collaborating with the promoter of the company, has reached an high level of Business Management that has enabled the same company to gain and maintain a position in the market adapting his business to the new technologies relevant for the technical process and to the innovation issued by the information systems.
Today the company, became a limited liability company with a sole partner, is managed by Mr. Salvatore Finocchiaro, that is the only owner. Mr. Finocchiaro has obtained a thirty-year experience as responsible of technical processes and general management of C.E.I.S.I. S.r.l. and other companies of the group. His position has guarantee a solution of continuity and strong leadership in the field of civil and industrial works.

The characteristics that have allowed the achievement of these goals and that enable the company to glimpse a bright future for the company are basically three:

  • a team of technical and administrative personnel that are an high skilled resources in the field of administrative and technical management;
  • a structure based on directs human resources skilled; skills are the result of a team working in the same organization learning reliability and wish of improvement in the field of technologies and economical aspects;
  • a continuous improvement of know-how, based on new technologies, that is useful for working in the field of civil and industrial works. Know-how that enables to plan and realize the construction maintaining, at the same time, the objective of quality improvement on the projects to perform.

So CO.GE.ITAL. S.r.l. has a long and important experience and for this reason is ready to accept the challenges of the present and future with reliability and high competence but always in the spirit of renewed passion and high enthusiasm.