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Technical Process | Co.Ge.Ital. – Costruzioni Generali Itali Srl

Technical Process

The technical process, the standards and the methods of execution are the result of a deep and analytic study based on the bid’s drawing, site visit, environment conditions and scope of work.

In the phase of evaluation is important to take in consideration the potential subcontractors, the features of the ground involved in the activities, the road system, the operating spaces in order to establish a suitable site organization that must assure the respect of the project schedule and the safety plan approved before the activities’s start-up.

To evaluate the project time schedule, jointly with eventual other partners and main suppliers, is prepared a work program that highlight each activity and that indicate, for each one the equipments and the number of workers directs and indirects that must be involved in order to guarantee and to respect the Client deadlines.

The technical management of the project is guarantee through a site organization that is under the supervision and management of the Director of the Area and of a group of technical assistants that can work also for an eventual Joint Venture of companies.

The site staff is adapted considering the scope of work and in order to respect the schedule avoiding loss of time.

All civil works are performed according to the specifications and the methods indicated in the Technical Requisition Documents, with the objective to gain the best performance as Client’s requirements.

Safety is our main target as the performance’s project. In the safety organization training we are assisted by a third company specialized in this sector. We schedule different meeting with the personnel on safety, according to the phase of the activity, that include a topic on the products toxics/noxious presents in the industrial area and another topic on the manual lifting of heavy materials.