What we do

In his nearly half a century, the Co.Ge.Ital. LTD has performed major works of public and private interest, as well as specializing in traditional residential construction (construction of buildings, villas and resorts), also in the production of primary and secondary infrastructure works (roads, water, sewerage, electrification, lighting , etc..), or in the realization of civil works in the industrial field such as:

  • preparation plant areas;
  • reinforced concrete foundations and supports for piping and equipment for steel structures;
  • reinforced concrete tanks of considerable size;
  • containment basins;
  • sea water intakes;
  • hydraulic networks;
  • overpasses, rail and road;
  • bridges;
  • bunkerizzate control rooms;
  • electrical substations;
  • warehouses;
  • workshops;
  • offices;
  • turnarounds, consolidations and adjustments of reinforced concrete structures (bridges, piers, foundations, tanks, cooling towers, etc..).
What we do